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About Us...

We're Kent Thomas and Bob Packard, two childhood friends. In the early '80s, along with having full-time jobs, we started a catering business called Pigs R Us. We enjoyed roasting pigs, which was our specialty. We loved the process of getting the pig prepared for roasting. It was fun and challenging at times, but we were always successful. Our company grew by word-of-mouth. We had a lot of fun and met so many great people.

Neither of us ever intended on crafting a barbecue sauce of our own. However, with each party we catered, our unique barbecue sauce evolved. Eventually, we hit upon the perfect combination of ingredients that we began to use consistently. Though at the time we were not selling our recipe, we were flattered and pleased when party guests asked about purchasing our unique sauce.

With growing families and life get busier, sadly, Pigs R Us had to go, but our handcrafted barbecue sauce did not! Long after the catering business ended, we continued to make batch after batch for family and friends. 

In 2008, we partnered with a co-packer to have our sauce produced in large quantities. Our first purchase order was for 60 cases. Wow, now what do we do with all this sauce?

Week after week, with confidence and sauce in hand, we introduced our awesome sauce to local grocery buyers. With each acceptance, our excitement and confidence grew! Soon we were in stores all over the Chicagoland area. 

Visit our  Retail Partners tab, where you're very likely to find a location near you that sells Two Fat Guys BBQ Sauce. If not, tell them to get in touch with us, we'd be happy to speak with them about our sauce. 

There's a unique feeling of gratitude and happiness whenever our sauce is wanted and accepted, whether by a single person or chain of quality stores. 



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