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bloody mary



Two Fat Guys Lava Hot 

Two Fat Guys bloody mary enhanced with two Fat guys lava hot BBQ sauce recipe photo

TFG recommend our Lava Hot BBQ Sauce

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2 lemon slices

2 lime slices

1/4 tsp. Two Fat Guys Lava Hot BBQ Sauce

8 oz. tomato juice (not V8, straight tomato juice)

Vodka (you determine the amount)


Tall glass


Fill glass halfway with ice.

Squeeze juice of lemons & lime slices over the ice.

Add all remaining ingredients, stir to combine. 

See the additional tips below.

Ingredients: (Pitcher)


2 lemons 

2 limes

1 jar Two Fat Guys Lava Hot BBQ sauce (cap will be measuring tool)

5-6 cups tomato juice (not V-8)

1-1/2 cups vodka

ice cubes


Fill 40 oz pitcher 1/2 way with ice cubes. Add tomato juice and 1 jar cap of Lava Hot bbq sauce. Squeeze in the juice from lemon and lime, add vodka.  Mix to combine. 



  • By the glass, add additional lava hot bbq sauce in small amounts if more heat/spice is desired.

  • By the pitcher, overfill the jar cap a bit for more heat/spice.

  • Garnish individual glass with TFG's favorites: a skewer "stuffed" with one of each: shrimp, pepperoncini pepper, blue cheese stuffed olive, and prosciutto.

  • Note: our Spicy BBQ sauce is not recommended for this recipe, as the spice flavor becomes diminished when combined with the tomato juice.

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